Top 5 Payroll Consulting Services

Top 5 Payroll Consulting Services

Payroll is one of the most complex and essential business functions. It oversees employee payments and taxes, provides compliance support, and unlocks valuable insights. Discover the best info about singapore payroll services.

Payroll consultants typically conduct assessments and audits to help businesses optimize their payroll systems and processes, as well as offer strategic guidance and advice. They may even provide support with strategic planning.

HROne was established in 2016 as a third-party payroll consulting company providing accessible payroll services tailored for small to mid-sized companies.


Gusto is a full-service payroll software provider that streamlines compliance, tax payments, and employee paychecks for companies of all sizes. Established in 2012, this innovative company serves businesses of all kinds while also offering integrations with top third-party business software tools like time tracking, accounting, and TSheets – perfect for keeping HR departments lean while optimizing them for customer-facing roles.

Gusto offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface and comprehensive features to make running payroll for your company simple. In addition, Gusto helps manage other aspects of your business, such as employee time-off requests and 401(k) contributions, while remaining compliant with federal and state laws. Gusto’s basic plan costs $40 plus $6 per employee with free account migrations, integration setup, compliance audits, comprehensive knowledge base content, as well as phone, chat, and email support – offering value at every turn!

If you require more robust solutions, OnPay offers human support options via live chat and phone as well as an expansive knowledge base. While its service may be more costly than Gusto’s, OnPay also boasts more extensive integrations and features that are better tailored for specific industries.

Gusto’s cloud-based software is intuitive and secure, integrating seamlessly with popular business apps like Zero, ZipBooks, Sheets, and Slack. Furthermore, it works well with point-of-sale (POS) systems, tax preparation programs, and hiring/banking tools; plus, it even handles payroll for contractors/freelancers! Designed specifically to optimize HR functions while freeing up headcount for customer-facing roles while still meeting budgetary constraints, Gusto is ideal for both small businesses looking for leaner HR operations as well as startups looking for budget control measures!


The FPC credential, administered by the American Payroll Association (APA), allows entry-level payroll practitioners to demonstrate their competence and integrity in payroll practices. It consists of 150 multiple-choice questions with 25 unscored “pretest” questions over three hours that test basic payroll fundamentals; to prepare for this exam, you can refer to the FPC Candidate Handbook provided by APA.

The American Payroll Association also offers the PayTrain(r) FPC course, designed to cover basic payroll calculations and applications necessary for taking the FPC exam. This year-round course can be found at over 400 PAYO Certification and Payroll Learning Centers throughout North America, featuring classroom instruction as well as access to an interactive online study tool for exam preparation.

FPC certification provides a solid basis for your payroll career and will give you an edge in the job market. Not only can it help increase pay in current roles, but it can also open doors to advancement. Certification lasts three years, and renewal can be accomplished either through continuing education courses or examinations.

FPC provides more than the certification of payroll professionals; it also offers consulting services for employment tax compliance and problem resolution related to payroll taxes. Recently, they introduced a single multi-state registration portal designed to ease the strain of using multiple state payroll tax agency websites – its client list comprises hundreds of national payroll providers as well as accounting professionals; soon, they will also offer white-label versions of this portal so other payroll providers may utilize it.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton LLP is an accounting firm that offers services such as audit, tax, consulting, corporate finance, IT infrastructure services, litigation support, strategy consulting, and strategy to both public and private businesses of all sizes across 59 commercial centers in the US. Their client list boasts both public entities as well as companies from smaller niches. With 4,000+ employees located nationwide, delivering these services across these commercial centers.

According to its website, Grant Thornton boasts the seventh-largest network of professional firms globally and serves clients from 154 countries and territories. Specializing in helping businesses tackle complex issues related to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, as well as conducting extensive research to produce reports on critical business issues, its firms serve clients all over the world.

This company places great emphasis on its people. They offer internships and jobs to students and recent graduates, providing clear pathways for advancement within the firm. Furthermore, they invest in programs promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), including their Purple Paladins program, which provides funding, advice, and volunteer support to emerging nonprofits.

Grant Thornton LLP stands out as one of the premier accounting firms, providing its employees with competitive pay. Their average annual salary stands at an impressive $110,913. Its highest-paying position is that of Director of Business Development, while more popular roles at this firm include Accounting Associate and CS Rep.

Established in Chicago in 1924, this firm is known for being highly ethical and providing valuable service to its clients, who range from mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 businesses, along with traditional consulting services such as financial advisory, risk and compliance management, taxation compliance, and assurance. Furthermore, their professionals possess significant experience serving numerous industries such as financial services, healthcare, and consumer products.


TriNet PEO is an excellent option if your business lacks a dedicated HR team. Offering full-service HR functions, including payroll, benefits administration, and risk management, as well as handling complex HR issues like state tax compliance. Furthermore, its robust platform makes project tracking, time & and attendance tracking simple, while the mobile app makes accessing employee pay data seamless.

TriNet has been operating as a certified Professional Employer Organization (PEO) since 1988 and provides HR administration, employee benefits administration, payroll processing and reporting, risk and compliance support, and industry-specific support – an invaluable asset in industries heavily regulated.

Though this company has been around for a number of years, its technology has undergone a dramatic transformation. Now a leading provider of cloud-based HR solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their system enables organizations to focus on human resources management, business operations management, and financial operations while taking advantage of technological innovations.

TriNet Passport provides employees with access to their payroll and related information through a self-service portal; employees can use this portal to update information, request employment verifications, and submit expenses. Its primary service package offers assisted payroll setup, unlimited payroll runs, and free W-2 filing and submission. Furthermore, another TriNet Passport service gives employees a self-service portal providing access to payroll details that employees can use to update information, request employment verifications, or submit expenses.

Customer support from this company can be reached via phone, email, and online chat, and its friendly support staff is knowledgeable about their products. In addition, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all services and products purchased from this company.


ADP provides payroll services customized to every size of business. Their pricing model stands out with per-payroll charges rather than flat rates, and they also offer HR tools to support employee management and compliance – helping companies to reduce data siloes while simplifying employee information management.

ADP offers more than just basic payroll processing: they handle tax deductions and filings, too. Their team will pay state, local, and federal taxes on your employees while filing IRS forms on time; additionally, they offer savings or health insurance programs for them and recommend shifts that work best with their staffing needs, taking into account unexpected shifts or holidays for best service delivery.

All ADP RUN plans offer basic payroll processing, while higher-tier packages come equipped with additional HR and payroll tools that include employee self-service and the capability to import payroll data into QuickBooks, Xero, or Wave. ADP will also send W-2 and 1099 forms directly to employees while filing them with the IRS on your behalf; furthermore, it facilitates state-mandated new hire reporting as well as HR reports tailored specifically for your business.

ADP also offers an online HR solution called ADP GlobalView HCM that helps organizations manage global payroll in multiple currencies using access to local payroll experts. It can be integrated with existing HR systems or used alone; its central database houses employee data that’s easily accessible to local payroll managers.

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