What is a Custom Wall Mural From Photowall?

What is a Custom Wall Mural From Photowall?

If you have always wanted to have someone come to your home or business and paint a custom scene on the walls, you are in luck! You no longer have to track down an artist and pay a large fee to have someone create art that will last for years on the walls of your home or business. With the help of Photowall, you can decorate any wall with a custom mural of your choosing in a variety of styles!

Want to learn more about how you can order custom art that is easy to install, and that will elevate any room from basic to incredible? Keep reading, and we will discuss what custom wall art murals from Photowall can do for you!

What is a Wall Mural From Photowall?

Our wall mural products are patterned and textured wallpaper, which can be applied to nearly any location. You might want to decorate a child’s room, a living room accent wall, or the entryway of your business. All of our various kinds of murals can be created in a variety of styles, and they all come with wallpaper paste so that you can apply them to the wall yourself as soon as they arrive.

Our orders ship within 1-4 business days, and we offer free shipping on each order! It is so easy to get a custom piece of wall art from us, and you will not have to figure out where to find someone to come to your home and create a complex piece of art by hand. Imagine being able to transform a room in a matter of about a half hour! That is the power of a wall mural from Photowall!

What Kinds of Images Can I Use in a Wall Mural?

We are happy to make your custom wall art in any style that you wish. You might want a custom photo wall that doesn’t require that you measure and hang a ton of individual pictures. Maybe you want a fanciful design that includes your child’s favorite whimsical creatures. Maybe you just want to add a nature scene that is welcoming and peaceful to a specific room.

All of these options and more are available when you work with us for your customer wall art needs. You can even get a wall art piece that will make a room look larger or offer you the chance to create a textured accent wall without having to spend hours painting. There are so many ways that Photowall can create a custom product that you will love, and we are happy to help guide you through the ordering process if you need some assistance.

What do I Need to Do Before I order?

All you need to know before you order your wall art from us is the measurements of the wall that you want to cover. We will need to have the height and width of the wall to be able to create a custom mural that is the right size for your needs. You will simply apply the numbered lengths of your mural to the wall when it arrives, and all of the instructions for installation are very clear.

You will also need to consider if you want standard or custom paper materials for your wall art. We can explain the difference in detail when you are ordering, but you will find that the premium paper might be ideal for kids’ rooms and places where dirt and grime might end up on the surface of the mural. Our premium paper also offers an anti-reflective coating that helps to block glare from lighting and large windows.

We even have instructional videos that will help you measure, order, and apply our products once you have them in hand. We make sure that the experience of placing one of our murals on your wall is just as simple as the process of ordering your unique piece of wall art. You will actually have fun throughout the entire process of ordering and applying your new mural to your walls!

What if I Don’t Have a Design in Mind Yet?

That’s not an issue! You can check out all of our various custom mural art offerings. We provide an entire catalog of different nature scenes, pictures that are ideal for businesses, and whimsical art that kids will love to spend time looking at each day in their room. Our fairytale art is one of our most popular categories, but there are so many other kinds of art that you can choose from in our gallery.

If you have your own motif that you want to have uploaded, we can help with this kind of project as well! Just reach out to us about a custom order, and we will talk about the kinds of files that we might need to use to create your special piece. We take the time to make sure that you can get access to the support that you need to create the wall art piece you have been dreaming of.

Custom Wall Art Can Elevate a Room With Ease

If you have always wanted to add custom art to your walls but haven’t been sure how to tackle this job, you can count on us to handle this need for you! You will find that there is no other company that offers as many amazing and beautiful wall art designs as we can provide. You will also have no trouble at all installing your wall art once it arrives due to our attention to detail and our care in providing instructions and tutorials to our clients.

We are the leading wall art company in our space, and you will see why as soon as you start the ordering process. We can help you to create homey, cozy, and special spaces in any building, whether you need custom art for your home or for your business. If you are ready to elevate a room or create a welcoming and whimsical space full of imagination, you need to reach out to us today!

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