Hair Salon & Barber Shop Business For Sale in Broward County

Hair Salon & Barber Shop Business For Sale in Broward County

Broward County-based hair salon and barber shop is offering an opportunity for someone looking to take over its successful operation, which features both chair rental services as well as commission-based stylists.

Profitable Air Conditioning service business with exceptional books & records. Serving residential & commercial clients throughout Pembroke Pines & Boynton Beach.

Hair Salon & Barber Shop

This salon and barbershop business for sale represents a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in the beauty industry. This six-station establishment features two nail stations, two pedicure stations, an esthetics room, and private parties or esthetics services. Situated within an established strip with many retail and medical businesses nearby, the salon has established clientele, reasonable clientele retention rates, and low rent.

At present, this hair salon and barbershop are run by their owner, who cuts hair alongside four stylists (2 renters & 2 on commission). On average, they bring in $3800 weekly, and the salon has been registered as a cosmetology business – paying use tax for any beauty products used when providing beautician services to her clients.

One of the primary factors when searching for a salon or barber shop to purchase is its operating environment. While some prefer more laid-back barbershop environments, others might choose luxurious salons. Furthermore, buyers must understand exactly which services each salon or barber shop provides before deciding to make a purchase decision.

As well as offering haircut services, some barbershops also sell haircare and styling products like gels, sprays, combs and brushes, and shaving/beard trimming services. In general, barbershops tend to serve men better, while salons attract more female patrons.

Some hair stylists and barbers donate their locks to organizations that create wigs for cancer patients or individuals who have experienced hair loss due to medical conditions, while others use it for arts and crafts or jewelry-making projects or sell it directly to companies manufacturing yarn or textile products.

Establishing and running a successful business takes dedication, hard work, and attention to detail. Beyond meeting all local regulations, having a marketing plan is also vital to drawing customers in and keeping your company profitable.

Screen Printing Business

Screen printing businesses provide various products and services, including customized t-shirts, banners, posters, and embroidery services. To guarantee high-quality products for their clients, these businesses use only top machines and equipment available and employ highly trained employees who assist customers with placing their orders.

Although the screen print industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it still provides opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Given its lack of significant players and low entry costs, screen print businesses offer great investment opportunities. To be successful in screen print businesses, you need a clear understanding of how this industry operates, as well as which factors influence success.

When considering purchasing a business, consider its current financial status and history. This will enable you to accurately assess its worth and see whether it fits within your budget. In addition, take note of debt versus equity ratios as well as cash-flow considerations.

Finally, it is crucial to take note of the size and capacity of your facility when considering screen printing business ownership. The larger its ability is expected to make you money. When considering buying an established screen printing business for sale, research its profit margin and cash flow figures to show how much revenue it brings in each year.

Acquiring an established business for sale in Broward County will help you sidestep many of the challenges of starting from scratch. By inheriting an established brand name, business model, printing equipment, and customer base, you will be ready to run at full throttle – don’t miss this great opportunity!

Pet Grooming Business

Pet grooming is an industry with plenty of room for expansion. Additionally, it’s a highly profitable venture with low overhead and an advantageous profit margin. There are a variety of structures to consider in pet grooming business ownership, such as home-based and mobile options – choosing one will affect how much money can be earned; mobile businesses should check local zoning laws; home-based grooming businesses usually require between 3-6 customers driving in and out – not suitable in all neighborhoods.

An effective grooming business requires an expansive inventory of supplies, such as brushes and combs, shampoos, conditioners, towels, and ear-cleaning products. You should also seek professional training to groom all types of dogs effectively; this will build your clientele and reputation. Furthermore, an effective marketing strategy and budget are crucial to business growth.

If you’re searching for the ideal pet grooming business to buy, find one with an established clientele and prime location. For instance, Pembroke Pines features this dog and cat grooming and daycare facility located within an active strip mall that’s been owned by its current owner for 13 years and now boasts more than 400 loyal clients – it would make an excellent fit for someone with prior grooming experience!

Pet grooming businesses can take many forms, from mobile businesses and storefronts to mobile vans or trailers. When selecting your location for either approach, consider which option best serves the clients and provides ample parking spaces so customers can park safely. You should also think carefully about renting and utility costs as you make this critical decision.

Your health insurance policy for your employees should also be taken into consideration. Be sure to purchase one that covers injuries and illnesses caused by grooming animals; groomers are susceptible to sore backs, scratches, and even the rare but deadly “groomer’s lung.” Make sure they receive comprehensive protection through this plan.

Hurricane Shutters Business

Hurricane and storm shutters can be an excellent way for home product sellers or building contractors to expand their product offering and increase profits while helping keep property secure for homeowners or building contractors alike. Empire Construction & Development in Florida can supply hurricane & storm shutters as dealers/distributors; customers will appreciate having these safeguards to help keep windows, patios, storefronts, and other openings protected, as well as anti-theft protection provided. By becoming an Empire dealer or distributor in Florida, you’ll increase both profits while helping keep the property protected for your customers! Become an Empire dealer/distributor today to increase profits while helping keep customers’ property secure!

Florida residents continue to increase in population, driving demand for products that protect from hurricanes and other severe weather events. Hurricane shutters are among the most essential products, offering shelter from storms, hail, and flying debris while providing security for both homes and businesses alike. While hurricane shutters may be purchased online, many opt to work with local companies, giving custom-made shutters explicitly made to their specifications.

These companies also provide comprehensive installation services. Whether for yourself or a client, their expert installation teams ensure the job gets done efficiently and correctly. In addition to hurricane shutters, these businesses offer storm doors, impact windows, and custom-made storm panels for any window or door in your home or business.

Hurricanes and other storms often produce strong winds that can damage or destroy homes, necessitating people to install shutters to protect their properties from being destroyed or damaged by high winds. While this task may seem straightforward for some individuals, those without the right tools may need assistance from neighbors or the condo association when putting up shutters themselves.

When the National Weather Service issues a Hurricane Warning, now is the ideal time to install hurricane shutters on your property. A warning indicates a hurricane is imminent within 36 hours, and you should act swiftly to safeguard it and your loved ones from harm. In addition to installing shutters, consider buying emergency supplies as well. These precautions will give you peace of mind, knowing your family, friends, and property are secure from potential disaster.

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